"It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story that makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story." - Patrick Rothfuss, The Name Of The Wind

What's YOUR Story?


Why Should You Take This Journey?

Escapism. Remember in childhood when you played dress-up and became the hero of your story? You escaped reality for a bit?
You are never too old for playfulness. You are never too old to play dress up.

Freedom. Responsibilities. We all have them. Is the weight of them keeping you from living life to its fullest? Do current events bring you down? Do you feel the weight of expectations and judgements from others? Don't you wish you could just let someone take over and help provide an escape?

Rebellion. Parent, leader, coworker, confidante, breadwinner, caretaker, fixer, cook. Rules, rules, rules! Break FREE and BE: the hero/heroine, the god/goddess or the superhero or villain that you dream of. Leave the rest behind - for a few hours at least.

Empowerment. Let your alter ego emerge. YOU get to define who shows up. SLAY THE DRAGONS and give your inner conflict a break. Escape for an hour or two and become the person you desire.

Go home afterwards with those empowered emotions stirring in your soul and harness that force we will create together. Feel empowered and renewed. Feel alive. Feel strong. Feel gorgeous. FEEL YOUR ALTER EGO. Know that you conquered something many others wouldn't dare try.

Your captured images will help keep those feelings alive for you. Your session will be the catalyst and your images will be your constant reminders of what you can accomplish.


'The Batman Effect'

In 2016 researchers studied children between the ages of 4 and 6. They found that when parents told the children to pretend to be Batman or other confident and hard-working beloved characters, that it actually increased the child's ability to persevere. When you identify one of your child's favorite characters, you can encourage your child to emulate the preferred behavior to build up their mental strength, determination and confidence.

JUST IMAGINE what a photo session with your child could do. Time spent together, playing dress-up together and fostering a moment in time that could essentially be building their character for the better. Additionally, what a hero parent you would be joining with them in this activity! Building confidence and bonding. Demonstrating that playfulness is for ALL AGES.

Demonstrating that YOU ARE ONE COOL PARENT.

But, we know that already, don't we? So how 'bout you show it now?

So, How Does It Work?

1. Questionnaire: After you book with me, we will jump on a call together so that I can learn more about you. I also have a questionnaire that I can send you to help you gather your thoughts. Together we will solve what your character will be. Don't have any ideas? That's OK! Consider me your personal Gandalf guiding you through the realm! Many people actually think the fun part is hearing what I come up with for them!

2. Prep Guide: Next you will receive a prep guide which will show you the ideas for costuming that I have put together. Additionally you will receive tips on how to get ready and what you will need for your session.

3. Dress-Up Time: When you arrive, I will have your costume(s) cleaned and pressed and ready to go! If you are doing hair and make-up, the first part of the session begins there! I have you covered from head to toe!

4. ESCAPE: Your session will take place in my studio in Kingston, N.Y. At an additional cost, I can also meet you at a location of your choice.

5. View: Remember to exhale when you see yourself! You will receive an in-person, private viewing party. At this point you will have the opportunity to choose prints or products that fit your needs and budget.

All sessions include access to my costumes, props and wigs.

All you need to do after our initial assessment is to literally, show up with a heart for adventure.

I PROMISE YOU, you will have an unforgettable experience.

"We do want merely to see beauty.. we want something else which can hardly be put into words - to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to bathe in it, to become a part of it. That is why we have peopled air and earth and water with gods and goddesses and nymphs and elves." - C.S. Lewis