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"Don't be fooled by her easy going, bright presence. Kristin is a masterful creative force for good and beauty. Hire her and you will surely elevate your brand to the next level."

- Nicole & Kendra | Devoted Mamas

New York's Hudson Valley Photographer


Fine-art & documentary photographer residing in Kingston, New York.

photo by James Webber

I might be the only sword-fighting wedding/portrait photographer you will ever meet!

If there is anything I'd love for you to know the most about me, it's this:

I will show up for you with compassion, courage and patience (and a little unconventional when inspired). My superhero strength is to see things that you don't, capturing significant moments or your 'perfect side.' I will transform your misconceptions about how you look on camera. It's empowering. I want to do that for you.

In 2002, I founded Photomuse, and my work has been published and exhibited, becoming an international award-winning photography studio.

I received a BFA in fine arts from Pratt Institute and shot my first wedding in 1992. I worked at Magnum Photos, eventually managing the studios for renowned photographers Elliott Erwitt and Ed Kashi.

After decades in NYC, I have returned home to the Hudson Valley and my beloved woods.

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