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Personal Branding

If a traditional headshot is the face behind the business, then a personal branding session is the story behind your business. A story is a series of images that visually represent you, your work and how you want to be perceived.

Built on authenticity, a strong brand can connect you with your dream client. In an image-driven culture, your photos are an an essential tool in capturing a first impression. Essential for the solopreneur, personal branding photography goes much deeper than the traditional headshot.

Our session will express through photos what it looks like to do business with you.

Unlike traditional corporate headshots, which give you one or two stale portraits, you will get a catalog of imagery that reflects you, your business, your brand with a personal branding session. A catalog of content that you can use in a variety of ways to stay fresh.


Own your own stock images



ONE DAY creates social media content for 1-3 months

READY TO POST upon delivery!


A positive mental image formed on the basis of your visual identity can often be

the deciding factor that gets you hired.

"A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life."

- Dr. Joyce Brothers


1. FREE CONSULTATION CALL: Set up a free consultation call so that we can begin the discovery process.

2. PHOOT SHOOT SUCCESS PACK: By working through this proven brand pack, you will unlock all that you need for a successful shoot. We will both determine if we are a good fit. If we are not, you will have what you need to move right into a targeted and successful branding photography campaign.

3. SHOOT DAY: With a clear strategy and confirmed date, we are ready for our fun and adventurous session! Tools, props, and details will set the stage for your work-style capturing headshots and lifestyle portraits to create the images that tell your story.

4. DELIVERY: Edited and retouched, I will send your images via a private online gallery.

All packages include full image rights for advertising, websites, book covers, social media, etc.

It's unlimited!

This is my proven process to guide you to clarity and success. With this process completed you will have all the knowledge to complete your photography campaign with success. If we discover we are not a good fit, you are free to take the results wherever you would like! Feel confident and assured in every step of the way!
A story is a series of images that visually define you, your work, and how you want to be seen by your potential clients.

The story visually answers:
WHO you are
WHAT you do
WHERE you do it
HOW you want your clients to feel
WHY choose you?

If you check out this client: DEVOTED MAMAS you can see they have 3 stories to tell:

1. they are siblings who love working together
2. they are pre-natal and post-natal fitness/yoga instructors helping new mamas to manage life.
3. their families are important to them. Creating work/life balance.

Think of each story as a separate photography session.
Our time together will begin to create a library of images for your future use. For example, let's say you want to do a blog post titled: "Siblings Share Their Secrets To A Joyful Relationship" - you can search through your library for images that best depict this topic. You won't have to spend time figuring out how to shoot something new, or spending hours searching the internet for a photo, or paying a stock house to use a photo for one time only.
You will save time, save money and avoid stress.
I am spending time photographing you AND your company. That includes: headshots, details, your product(s), how you work, where you work, what your space looks like, interacting with clients, giving lectures, etc. If it conveys your message, I photograph it.

With the proven Photo Shoot Success Pack, together we will target the images that will appeal to your ideal client.

Your images will have a cohesive and uniform look that will allow potential clients to get to know you at a glance! And, they will know what to expect when they work with you.

In the end, you will be creating your own library of images to use as you see fit - without paying fees, searching hours for images that might work, or spending time trying to figure out how to shoot them yourself.
Short answer: No, you won't need to contact me at all!

You will receive a commercial license with your images. If you have ever purchased stock images, you will know that the price per image is dependent upon HOW you use the image and for how long. This can add up.

Additionally, the license is for a limited time period.

When you work with me, you are receiving a catalogue of stock images to use as you wish! The only restriction is that you cannot sell/give the images to a third party for sale.

The images are otherwise yours to use as you wish, no credits necessary!
I can help you with that!

Sign up for my subscription service and I can handle your posts! From an editorial calendar to image prep to keywords and posting! Let me handle it for you!
I travel. Contact me for information on travel details and fees. Additionally, I have guest rooms specifically for my out of town clients. Make it a weekend in the country for business and pleasure!

A Visual of One Quarter:

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"My favorite part actually was the intake form! We (or at least I) really enjoyed the opportunity to capture in writing the different aspects of our brand. Since we are going through a re-brand as part of this photoshoot, it was instrumental in helping us solidify certain aspects of how we want to come across visually. This has since carried over into other decisions we're making, and it's been very helpful!"

-Nicole & Kendra | Devoted Mamas