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Viking, Sword-Fighting Photographer Seeks Creative Adventurers!

I spent my childhood engrossed in magic, fairy tales and mythology. The woods held endless fascination as I searched for elves and sprites. Most of my interests involved the art of seeing things that might not be apparent to everyone else. I used to be shy and I would hide that whimsical side of myself. While I often claim kinship with introverts, I was also the punk rocker, the goth chick, the rockabilly girl or the shieldmaiden. I have always been drawn to individuality and artistic expression, in whatever form that takes.

I really enjoy helping others give life to the strength & magic they possess.

Authentic. Courageous. Unique. Whimsical. Artistic. Magical. Compassionate. Bold.


“There are many kinds of joy, but they all lead to one: the joy to be loved.”

– Michael Ende, The Neverending Story.

What about YOU? Find out how I can transform you.


I have a B.F.A. from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. The history that influenced me then continues to drive me today. The Pre-Raphaelite era, the Romanticists, Medieval and Gothic art. Whimsical, tactile, lush, symbolist-driven and full of passion. Photography allows me to express visually what I am unable to verbally. As a natural introvert, photography is a vehicle for me to communicate with people. A means to reveal the inner power and beauty for my clients, tapping into what already exists inside.

Transformational empowerment.

Before founding Photomuse, I focused on photojournalism and documentary photography while working at Magnum Photos and subsequently as the studio manager for renowned photographers Elliott Erwitt and Ed Kashi.

Moments make memories. Every event has moments. Details and symbols tell a story. I would love to be your personal visual archivist.

I love my job.

Some Fun Facts:

  • I lived in Tokyo, Japan for 2 years and explored Asia extensively (and yes, cats experience jet lag). My time there taught me to understand cultural differences, which comes in handy when photographing culturally rich (and diverse) weddings!
  • Animals! I am a NY State Wildlife Rehabber. I live with my two dogs, Bali & MeiMei, both rescues. I am now that crazy Bird Lady. (I love Red Bellied Woodpeckers most of all).
  • I study HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)....in other words... how to fight with a two-handed longsword.
  • I love creating and I am most at home deep within the woods.
  • I love scuba diving. I once touched two sunken ships from each World War - at the same time.
  • I love marshmallow sundaes, I am obsessed with journals and I love black tea with coconut.
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve.
  • My desert island book is Jane Eyre.
  • My desert island music is anything by The Misfits. Or Heilung.
  • I blush. Too. Much.


I really wish I were an elf.....