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Claim your powerful Earth Mother Goddess self

Discover your superpowers for a psychological shortcut to your photographic totem

Is this you?


You are motivated and fulfilled by taking care of others. You are empathetic and trustworthy. You prioritize caring for the needs and well-being of others first. You are the cheerleader, a good listener, the advisor, and the advocate. You have compassion and a real desire to serve others.

Do you?

Have a fear of failure?

Experience Imposter Syndrome?

Feel you are not as good as .....?

Feel nervous before speaking or before networking?

Feel your photographs don't capture your authentic self?

Do these feelings hold you back from achieving your potential?

Discover your inner persona through a branding archetype to help you excel.

Step into your power and attract what you desire for yourself and your business.

Take time for yourself today.

You've hired a coach or you've joined groups or a workshop. You get involved, you walk away feeling like you've overcome and you are supercharged. You get home and you find yourself involved with your regular habits and patterns. You are taking care of everyone else but you. Gradually, the momentum is lost. You no longer feel amazing. The cycle continues. Your growth stalls.

Now think about a photograph in your life that brings up memories and emotions. You can feel that moment. You can remember the sights, the sounds, the smells surrounding that image. You are taken back to that moment instantly. You relive that time in your life - simply from looking at a photograph.

Instead - we will discover the inner superpower that gets you charged and motivated. You will undergo your transformation process and have a powerful photographic experience that will lift you up. You will receive a photograph of your superhero self which will become your totem whenever you feel the need for support and motivation.

Reclaim your mindset at the moment you need it.

How does it work?

1. Reserve your spot (limited slots available)

2. Once reserved, you will have access to networking with your peers via a private online group.

3. Join a pre-shoot session where we discuss your archetype and how to bring it out. You will receive tips on posing and styling.

4. Complete your questionnaire, which will guide us towards unlocking your superhero power.

5. Your session date arrives! You will arrive at my studio in Kingston to a custom-made set for this session. I will guide you through the entire process. You will have access to my wardrobe and props should you wish.

6. In two weeks you will receive a private online gallery from which you can choose the final image that represents you in your most authentic self. Additional images will be available for purchase if you choose.

What you get.

You will receive customized results from your archetype assessment which will help you unlock your superpowers to create an identity for yourself to combat your limiting beliefs. Knowing who this alter ego is will help you align the versions of yourself that show up in the context of the many roles you carry, both professional and personal. Using these new superpowers will help you attain your goals.

You can take these powers as far as you would like. Whether it's for a private photo session or use it to develop your own individual style/brand style. When you CHOOSE to live who your authentic self is, your ideal clients will recognize and trust you. When you align to your brand archetype, you will represent your business in the most powerful way.

You will be connected to your peers who also identify as The Caregiver. You will have opportunities to network and discuss how the archetype can be brought to life in your marketing. Share your business goals and continue to support each other.

You will receive a transformational photography portrait session. More than a portrait session, it will be an experience. You will be nurtured and guided through the entire experience. We will step into roles and have fun with it. I guarantee, if you don't like being photographed, I will change that experience for you.

And when it is all over, you will have a photograph to look back upon to relive that experience. When you need a little push to get over a block, just pull up your photograph and connect with that inner badass.

How much will this cost?

$235 - limited time only

Custom transformation sessions start at $1500. The questionnaire alone is $300. Get in now for access to this limited time rate and experience what the transformations can do for you. Once the slots are booked up, there will be no more for The Caregiver.

Discover yourself today

Fall Moon Sessions

Limited Slots Available in April