Dear Ms. Kristin,

It is my honor and privilege to send this letter of recommendation. Having already married off seven of my own children and three orphans, I was somewhat apprehensive when I heard about a "new" photographer for one of my weddings.

The professionalism blended with genuine human warmth and caring made for a most wonderful experience. In spite of jet lag of children and grandchildren coming from Israel, some only hours before, your calm and relaxed demeanor put everyone at ease. This made for many very beautiful pictures which is most appreciated.

I would highly recommend you to anyone that would enquire.

As it is almost the Jewish New Year, I wish all of us a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Sincerely, Rabbi Joshua Zuber

Avi & Raizy Zuber

This letter is an opportunity for my wife and I to express our appreciation and satisfaction with the Photomuse team.

My wife and I are a religious Chabad couple and we got married in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on July 31, 2012.

Kristin and Steven did a superb job of capturing every single moment of our wedding with eloquence, taste, and professionalism. 

Despite Kristin and Steven not being Jewish they were FULLY aware of the procedures by a religious Jewish wedding and they captured every single moment excellently. Having previously done religious Jewish weddings, Kristin and Seven were aware of the importance of each step of the wedding (including the Kabalt Panim, Bedecking, Chupa, and separate men’s and women’s dancing) and captured all the important moments beautifully and sensitively.

I hope that this letter can appease any concerns that Kristin and Steven are not able to cover a religious Jewish wedding optimally. I also hope that my experience (and others that I know as well who have had a positive experience) can assure you that they are fully aware and sensitive to the needs of such Simchas and would be happy to share their skill and professionalism with you.

In addition, Kristin makes a point of meeting with her clients before the wedding to discuss the specific needs and preferences of each client. This can be a time to go over the specifics of one’s wedding to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Lastly, besides for their respectful demeanor the Photomuse team dealt with all issues quickly, created a beautiful slideshow with a musical background shortly after our wedding, sent our pictures in a stunning box imprinted with images of my wife and I, and included a separate photography shoot of my wife and I in their package.

Wishing all involved in planning weddings all the best and many Simchas!!

Dovid and Noi Meshchaninov

Dovid & Noi Meshchaninov

From Bracha Meshchaninov – mother of bride

Thank G-d we were blessed this past summer to be able to make two weddings, one in Crown Heights and one just outside Monsey. We used Kristen Reimer and her partner Steve of Photomuse for both and we could not have been happier. Although Photomuse had not been familiar with all the details of an Orthodox wedding, we filled them in on the program of events, from the beddeking and tish up to the final sheva bracha at benching! Not only were Kristen and Steve respectful of all of our customs, and a pleasure to work with, but they captured every relevant detail with a fresh appreciation for the artistry in every moment. With their ability to be creative as well as accurate we got wonderfully artistic and original records of two very special events! I have no hesitation in recommending them to any one considering using their services. For an Orthodox wedding in particular they certainly know now what to expect and can becounted on not to miss or skip any significant moment!! - Bracha Meshchaninov (Monsey, NY)

Mother of Bride: Elisheva & Berry Schwartz

From Elisheva Meshchaninov Schwartz – bride

After seeing Kristin's photographic work, I was set on hiring her for my upcoming wedding. I was looking for creativity, originality and talent and it was apparent that her work reflected my goals. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how motivated Kristin was to truly understand the behind the scenes culture of an Orthodox Jewish wedding. Kristin came to our meeting well researched on Jewish customs, and her documentary style photography seemed to grasp it all!

Elisheva & Berry Schwartz